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Here I am...

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 Just a Note

I can't update or view this particular LJ at the current time on a regular basis,
It's complicated. Anyways if you want me email me or find me on myspace.

Hope everyone is well.
Hi to everyone from St. Louis since I never keep in touch.

Now off to Halloween!!

Until Next time...

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Smashing Pumpkins
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Video of one of my favorite bands covering and impersonating a variety of musicians...
(Don't watch if your offended by near nudity or cross-dressing. lol)

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amused amused
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 Funny Picture

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amused amused
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Yesterday was Talk like a Pirate day so I had a little fun with that. I love pirates.

For the most part i've just been working or sneaking off to New Hampshire to hang out with friends when I can.

I've seen some good bands as of late which is always cool. (Infected Mushroom, Lourds)

I got to see Alex Grey paint live, I was so f'ing excited. (He is the artist that did the work for Tool's Lateralus Album) Awesome.

Hope everyone has a rockin' day.


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calm calm
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I finally started work out again recently. (Eating healthier again too) 
It's been love hate, of course.  Today was particularly frustrating. In the morning my dog and I went out and did the speed-walking/ jogging thing for almost 4 miles. Despite all the aches and pains it felt really good. 
I wanted to go out for a second time today but I had to fight against it. Problem is my muscles are not happy with me, I'm kinda out of shape(don't look it), and i've already pulled groin muscles a couple times. (Boy does that hurt like hell). So instead I had to sit home sadly and give my muscles a rest. I'm sure it's worth it, but sill.

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sore sore
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Yeah, so, for reasons unavoidable I didn't have computer access for awhile.
I've been back for a couple weeks and i'm finally getting around to writing.
Happily, i've actually been semi-productive therefor have not been on-line as much.

The other day I finally read a book it seems everyone else had to read in high school, Animal Farm, and it was pretty good. 
I've been reading a lot of Terry Pratchett because good when you need read something fun and happy.
After a book by Him, I have two other books of David Peltzer's to read so that should be exciting.
Not to long ago I read a book by Anne Rice under her other name. It was pretty good,but it's was defiantly not everyone's taste, erotica, and not cookie-cutter erotica eithier. lol
I've been reading quite a bit it seems. =-)

Anyways. How is everyone? I hope you are all well. 
Well i'm off so goodnight all.

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okay okay
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The other night I slowed down and went around a momma raccoon and her little babies it was so cute. It's kinda weird though. I mean I see deer allot more often, I even see them in broad daylight. They are still beautiful but I just see them more then a cute little raccoon plodding across the road. It's all good though. Really though I have my favorite animal, my wonderful dog. =-)


ps. I liked the Transformers Movie. =-)

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calm calm
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Despite the fact I may not  like that particular cow and call may call him names, I know he's just a animal and didn't know better. More then anything I'm just scared of him now. meh....What a day.
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drained drained
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I know you all never see me, and myspace has stolen my soul. I just thought this story was worth metioning that all.  I hope you all have an awesome morning.


How did you start your day?

You start your day by being sick, being monthly sick, not sleeping at all and then..... You go on a lovely walk to see the sunrise, with two dogs, a camera, and a cell phone with hands free set just in case. None of this will help when you go for a walk and the just about always friendly family cow starts attacking you when you are petting him, he's trying to ram you over and over again. (The ram is their to but he's just walking too close and he is in the way.) No one answers when you auto call the house.. you try to stay clam, cause usually he clams down, you try different things. Eventually though ,especially on no sleep, you start to panic, you are yelling and scream while try to get away without really running. You get to the fencing near by and squeeze through the barb wire fencing as you pants get caught and you break free. Your a little out of view for a moment, but next you have to go through thickets to get into the next field to get back to your house. You get through to the field and goats are around now along with the one sheep, but they only help a little bit as a barrier here and there. On no sleep all you can think of is of something your pretty sure is a urban legend but you'll try anything. Of course your shirt, sweater, and pants are all bright red, so next your stripping and trying to get away in just your bra and underwear and barefoot . (You put down the camera and phone and lost your shoes in the first field) Top clothing makes him stop to sniff and pants the same but not as long. It only buys you a few seconds. Now with the other animals as a sort barrier you go along the fence looking for the easiest way out. You make your way to the kiddy pool and hold up the pool like a shield, cause the pool can be replaced and you can't. The cow is in front of you again but he's confused by the stupid pool. You have pool in one hand unlocking the fence with the other hand. You squeeze through leaving the pool on the other side in the way. The cow is still confused you lock the gate so he can't get out. Then you run like and stupid fucking idiot into the house crying hysterically and going to the person mostly likely and capable of helping you. Your crying and shaking and your chest is tight and you can't breath. You try to clam down and they go and get the evil cow monster out the way and tied up. They find some of your stuff but you end up going with them  hiding behind them when you walk by, but out of reach, of the stupid cow, trying to look sweet and innocent. You find your stuff, you go back to the house, and you pet your dog cause she's harmless. You hug her lot. You go inside and talk with whoever is there. The cow has been just starting to get more retardly lately but nothing even close to this they say. You were clueless. The best everyone can figure is he's starting to try and find girl cows and, as gross as it sounds, your girl sick and bleeding heavily and animals can smell that. How awkward that it's possible the evil cow may have thought you were a girl cow cause you were having your period. Finally you settle now and write it all down to vent.



I still can't sleep and I wish I was anywhere but here....

If I sound stupid then so be it, I was not made to live on a farm, only visit. My kind of living in the country is a little log cabin not a farm. *shrugs*


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contemplative contemplative
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